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At Barnes Financial Services - HTX, our goal always remains the same, no matter what type of client we are working with. Simply put, we strive to give you an accurate picture of your financial situation. Doing so allows you to operate with less stress and more profit.

For businesses, we provide services that assess overall financial health, and we deliver regular reports that are clear, digestible and actionable. Contact us today to begin a valuable partnership.


At Barnes Financial Services, our story is one of family legacy and unwavering dedication. Our roots trace back 30 years ago when Gail A. Barnes, a skilled CPA, laid the foundation for our family-owned practice in the vibrant city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Through the years, our commitment to excellence has only grown stronger.
The torch was passed to the next generation as Gail's grandson, Camron Barnes, became an integral part of our family business while still in high school, over 15 years ago. As an accomplished Corporate and Governmental


Accounting Professional, Camron embarked on a journey to extend our reach and impact.
With expertise that spans a range of financial domains including bookkeeping, accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R) budgeting, and meticulous variance analysis, Camron is well-versed in the art of refining and optimizing financial records. His mastery extends to the comprehensive review and revision of companies' Income Statements and Balance Sheets, ensuring accuracy and clarity.


Beyond the numbers, Camron is a devoted husband and father of three, embodying the values of commitment and responsibility. His service as a United States Army National Guard Veteran reflects his deep-rooted integrity and dedication to service.

Located in the dynamic Katy area of Texas, Camron Barnes is fully equipped to uphold and enhance the distinguished legacy of Barnes Financial Services-HTX. Our journey is one of trust, expertise, and a shared commitment to your financial success. Connect with us today to be a part of this remarkable journey towards a prosperous future.

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